List of companies in Aarau / Canton Aargau

See the list of companies (company list) in Aarau. The companies are listed alphabetically: .hausformat | 08 inuse GmbH | 1873 Holding AG | 1a Taxi Adamek | 1xANDERS, Brändli Andres | 2für1 GmbH | 2plus Immobilien GmbH | 2rad Schweiz | 3E Bau AG | 4 Star Trade AG in Liquidation | 5000 hair style makeup | 7Sins A. Laely | 90 Grad Café Bar GmbH | A. AESCHBACH GmbH | A. Breuninger Inhaber Leo Maurer | a.c.L.aarau gmbh | AAA Am Bahnhof Zahnklinik AG | AAA Center der Zahnärzte | AAA EDV Beratungs AG | AAA EDV Software AG | AAA EDV Vertriebs AG | Aarau Eagles Cheerleader in Liquidation | Aarau Gastro GmbH | Aarau Info | Aarau Tamilischer Hindu-Verein | Aarau Teeshop | Aaraucar AG | Aarauer Carrosserie Werke AG | Aarauer Coworking Genossenschaft | Aarauer Immobilien AG | Aarauer Nachrichten | Aarauer Pizzahüsli GmbH | Aarauer Turmbläser | AarauInvest AG | Aarauonline / Argoviaonline | Aarauto - Karadeniz | AarDent GmbH | Aare Advokatur und Notariat | Aare Bestattungen Daniel Meyer | Aare Parking AG |

Companies in Aarau

Canton AG

The locality Aarau is located in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Aarau are: 47.390434 and 8.0457015. The local date and time in Aarau is 07/20/2024, 8:44 PM. Aarau is a small town and municipality in the Swiss canton of Aargau. It is the capital of this canton and at the same time of the Aarau district. The city is located 39 km southeast of Basel, 38 km west of Zurich and 67 kilometers northeast of Bern (both as the crow flies). The city on the river Aare is located on the northern edge of the Swiss plateau and at the transition to the Jura mountains. The western city limits also form the border with the canton of Solothurn. Aarau has almost 21,000 inhabitants, making it the most populous municipality in the canton. Around 80,000 people live in the narrow agglomeration, and a good 220,000 in the Aarau economic area. Founded between 1240 and 1250 by the Counts of Kyburg, Aarau received city rights from the Habsburgs in 1283. From 1415 Aarau was a subject city of Bern and, after the introduction of the Reformation in 1528, one of the places of assembly of the Swiss Confederation. From March to September 1798, in the first year of the Helvetic Republic, Aarau was the first capital of Switzerland. Aarau has been the canton's capital since 1803 and has since performed numerous central functions as an important administrative, commercial and service center. In 2010 the neighboring pipe was incorporated.

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