List of companies in Baden / Canton Aargau

See the list of companies (company list) in Baden. The companies are listed alphabetically: 1415 GmbH | 1489 GmbH in Liquidation | 1905 AG | 2eyes AG | 2ton studio graf | 3C Architektur GmbH | 3D car parts GmbH | 3G Media GmbH | 3P Management AG | 4YSUCCESS GmbH | 5400 Manufaktur GmbH | 5A Car Group GmbH | 9months GmbH | à la na GmbH | a. kunz ag | A.A. Meier & Co. | AAA Aargauer Taxi GmbH | Aargauische Kantonalbank - Baden | Aargauischer Anwaltsverband | AB Sciex Switzerland GmbH | ABB E-mobility AG | ABB Ergänzungsversicherung | ABB Jürgen Dormann Foundation for Engineering Education | ABB Kinderkrippen | ABB Pensionskasse | ABB Schweiz AG | ABB Technikerschule | ABB Unterstützungsfonds | ABB Wohlfahrtsstiftung | Abis 24 GmbH | Abou el Naga Energy & Water | About Tomorrow Consulting GmbH | ABR Group AG | ABSCHLEPPDIENST AUSKUNFT NOTDIENST 24 STUNDEN DIREKT VERMITTLUNG E.VEREIN | abschnittuboldi GmbH | Academia Baden | Accelleron Industries AG | Accelleron Pensionskasse | Accelleron Unterstützungsfonds | Accent Consulting Partner GmbH |

Companies in Baden

Canton AG

The locality Baden is located in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Baden are: 47.47288 and 8.30809. The local date and time in Baden is 04/18/2024, 3:27 AM. Baden is a municipality in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland and the capital of the Baden district. The city is located in the densely populated Limmat Valley, 21 kilometers northwest of Zurich, 22 kilometers northeast of the canton capital Aarau and 18 kilometers south of the Baden city of Waldshut-Tiengen (as the crow flies). Within the metropolitan region of Zurich, Baden forms the center of an important sub-agglomeration with around 100,000 Residents. The city itself has over 18,000 inhabitants; This makes it the third most populous municipality in the canton after the neighboring municipality of Wettingen, with which it is closely linked geographically and economically, and Aarau. When Brown, Boveri & Cie. (today Asea Brown Boveri) and an important location of the GE group (until 2015 Alstom), Baden is an internationally important center of the electrical engineering industry. Baden's history goes back to the 1st century AD. back when the Romans began to use the warm thermal springs in what was then Aquae Helveticae. In 1297 the city was formally founded by the Habsburgs. The confederates conquered the city in 1415; Baden was a subject town until 1798, but had a prominent position as a health resort and the most important meeting place for the federal diets (until 1712). At the time of the Helvetic Republic, Baden was the capital of the canton of Baden; since 1803 the city has belonged to the canton of Aargau.

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