List of companies in Bremgarten / Canton Aargau

See the list of companies (company list) in Bremgarten. The companies are listed alphabetically: 12 Ventures GmbH | 2 happy feet Stamm | 3H International Change Management GmbH | 4Focus Schweiz GmbH | GmbH | A & L GmbH | A. Fürling | A. Müller + Partner, Architekturbüro AG | A. STEGER Consulting | A.S. Design | A.S. Real Estate GmbH in Liquidation | AABA AG | Aakti Ecommerce | Aargauische Kantonalbank - Bremgarten | ACS Handels AG | Advanced Polymer Solutions GmbH | Aerodepot GmbH | AF Personal AG | Akbati GmbH | Al Ali | Al Forno | Alberti-Schneider Immobilien AG | Alendo Solutions & Services Peter | alfer aluminium Gesellschaft mbH | Ali Swiss Deals | All4Pets Maretic | ALLUCAN AG | Alois Koller AG | Alterszentrum Bärenmatt | Altstadt-Optik Jasmin Mach GmbH | AMC:MÜLLER GmbH | am-pm Retail GmbH | andmore AG | Andono AG | André Widmer AG | Andreas TRANS Andreev | Anhuiser Photography | ANIMUSANA GmbH | Apotheke Reuss | Apotheke Sunne Märt AG |

Companies in Bremgarten

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The locality Bremgarten is located in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Bremgarten are: 47.3491774 and 8.3397905. The local date and time in Bremgarten is 05/20/2024, 4:58 PM. Bremgarten is a small town and municipality in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland and the capital of the Bremgarten district. It is located in the lower Reuss valley, around 16 km west of Zurich as the crow flies, 23 km east of the canton capital Aarau and 35 km north of Lucerne. With a little more than 7,500 inhabitants, Bremgarten is the second most populous municipality in the Freiamt region after Wohlen. The small town founded by the Habsburgs was from 1415 to 1798 part of the County of Baden, a common rule of the Confederates. In 1443, during the Old Zurich War, Bremgarten turned down the offer to join the Confederation as an equal member. From 1798 to 1803 the town belonged to the canton of Baden and since then to the canton of Aargau. The traffic-calmed old town, surrounded on three sides by the Reuss, is a cultural monument of national importance. The four annual markets, especially the Christchindlimärt during Advent, have a supraregional charisma and make Bremgarten the tourist center of southeastern Aargau. Bremgarten is also the location of an engineering troop barracks for the Swiss Army.

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