List of companies in Amsoldingen / Canton Berne

See the list of companies (company list) in Amsoldingen. The companies are listed alphabetically: act's kultur & event GmbH | Beat Kipfer Käserei Amsoldingen | BeO Fitness & Coaching GmbH | BMSM Holding AG | Body and Soul Cosmetic | Brina Music | Bruni Brennerei GmbH | Bruni Zimmerei GmbH | Coaching Susanne Stettler | Duftbengel S. Rothermann Lüthold | einfach-besser GmbH | Ernst Montage Technik | Fahrschule M. Bürki | Fritz Ramseier | FSD Management AG | Gemeinde Amsoldingen | nachhaltige Mobilität, Stefan Leubin | Hirsig AG | Indermühle Innenausbau AG | jumea GmbH | Ka 3 GmbH | Kaderselektion, Paul Gasser | Karnsiree GmbH | Käsereigenossenschaft Amsoldingen | Kunterpunkt Priska Trachsel | Landwirtschaftliche Genossenschaft Amsoldingen und Umgebung | Louis Paux | M 2 GmbH | Marina-Events Marina Krauchthaler-Fresenga | Meisterhans Bruno Getränkehandel | Mountain Roots GmbH | MUSTAKIVI Holding AG | NELPUR GmbH | RYSER Verwaltungen GmbH | SB Schlag & Blasinstrumente AG | Schreinerei Liechti Amsoldingen AG | Schulhaus Amsoldingen | Swiss Gin GmbH | Top Tech Engineering Oberland GmbH | Vinicky Top |

Companies in Amsoldingen

Canton BE

The locality Amsoldingen is located in the canton of Berne in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Amsoldingen are: 46.7280309 and 7.58392. The local date and time in Amsoldingen is 01/31/2023, 2:43 PM. Amsoldingen is a municipality in the Thun administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. The village lies on the banks of the Amsoldingersee and is approx. 5 km from Thun. Amsoldingen is known for the Amsoldingen Church, the largest Ottonian basilica in the area. The pastor Samuel Lutz worked here from 1728 to 1738. Amsoldinger cheese, a semi-hard raw milk product with a taste reminiscent of Emmentaler, comes from the dairy in the village.

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