List of companies in Castasegna / Canton Grisons

See the list of companies (company list) in Castasegna. The companies are listed alphabetically: AGENDO Import - Export SA | Alberti Graziano | Andreoli Rodolfo | Associazione Castasegna Viva | Banca Popolare di Sondrio (SUISSE) SA | BEG Sagl ZWEIGNIEDERLASSUNG ENGIADINA | Bonassoli Miguel | Del Curto Holz-Project Swiss AG | Edilgiorgetta Sagl in liquidazione | Falegnameria Pedroni | Falegnameria Pedroni Sagl | Fashion Ingredients Sagl | Fernando Tiberini Mehrsprachiger Moderator und Sprecher | Filippo Walther | Fondazione de Salis | Fondazione in memoria di Silvia Andrea, di Agostino Garbald e della loro figlia Margherita (Fondazione Garbald) | Fondazione San Gaudenzio | Garbald GmbH | Kantonspolizei Graubünden - Polizeiposten Castasegna | La Galleria delle Piastrelle Sagl | Lor. Giuriani AG | Luca Rogantini | MDP Mario De Pedrini Sagl | MN Frigoservice Engadin GmbH | Nava Catia, negozio alimentare "La butega" | P.O.W.E.R.N.A.V.I. GmbH | Pellicioli GmbH | Primel AG | Renzo Pozzoli, titolare Claudio Giuriani | Seminarzentrum Villa Garbald | Soglio-Produkte AG | Volg - Filiale Castasegna |

Companies in Castasegna

Canton GR

The locality Castasegna is located in the canton of Grisons in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Castasegna are: 46.3333 and 9.5140999. The local date and time in Castasegna is 04/18/2024, 5:22 AM. Bregaglia is a municipality in the Maloja region of the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It was created on January 1, 2010 and includes the previously independent municipalities of Bondo, Castasegna, Soglio, Stampa and Vicosoprano. The municipality of Bregaglia and the former district of Bergell thus cover the same area. The municipality is largely located in the eponymous valley of Bergell. The village of Maloja on the pass of the same name, which is the only part of the municipality in the Upper Engadin, also belongs to the municipality.

This company list contains all legal forms (Sole proprietorship, General Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Cooperative, Association, Foundation, Public sector institution, Branch, Limited Partnership, Foreign branch, Corporation with unlimited partners, Special legal form, Ownership in undivided shares, Limited Partnership for collective investment schemes with a fixed capital, Limited Partnership for collective investment schemes with a variable capital, Limited Partnership for collective investment schemes, Non commercial power of attorney) of companies in Castasegna. On this page you will find companies from AGENDO Import - Export SA to Volg - Filiale Castasegna.

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