List of companies in Gelfingen / Canton Lucerne

See the list of companies (company list) in Gelfingen. The companies are listed alphabetically: Alfred Welti & Partner GmbH | Amato & Treml Photography KlG | Ammann-Treuhand GmbH | Antaras GmbH | ARIEDEL GmbH | Art Florian, Yvonne Camenzind | Asosystem AG | AUWA Schweiz GmbH | Baade Bus & Limousine Service Schweiz | Bäriwösch GmbH | Beck Gastro Management GmbH | Beluso GmbH | bertschi industrial design | Beziehungsweise Beratungen Beat Weingartner | bioschmid gmbh | Chlotisberg AG | Creativa 1001 Geschenkideen GmbH | D. Bader | eap holding ag | e-plan und bau GmbH | Fassbind Pflanzenkulturen GmbH | Financial & Business Consulting Sambasivam | Hacomat AG in Liquidation | Häfliger Amphibtec | HEDIGER SIMPRO GmbH | Heidegger Schulfonds Sulz | Holz + Dach Schmid GmbH | Hotel-Restaurant Sternen GmbH | HTG GmbH | IBPS Switzerland | ImmoLindenberg AG | Imparcial GmbH | Italsapori Import N. & G. Gallo | K. Wetter ENERGETIK | KLARHEIT Mediation + Coaching, Michèle Müller | Kühlhaus Emmenegger GmbH | Lehrstellen Coaching Beat Weingartner GmbH | Leisibach Reinigungstechnik GmbH in Liquidation | Leseda Media Phetchmalee | Logax GmbH |

Companies in Gelfingen

Canton LU

The locality Gelfingen is located in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Gelfingen are: 47.2148578 and 8.265497. The local date and time in Gelfingen is 05/20/2024, 4:49 PM. Hitzkirch (in the Lucerne German local dialect Hitzchilch, Hitzchiuch) is a political municipality in the constituency of Hochdorf in the Swiss canton of Lucerne. It is located in the Lucerne Seetal between Hallwilersee and Baldeggersee, around 20 km north (as the crow flies) of Lucerne, 25 km south-west of Zurich and 60 km south-east of Basel. Since the municipal merger in 2009 with Gelfingen, Hämikon, Mosen, Müswangen, Retschwil and Sulz, Hitzkirch is the third largest municipality in the Seetal with over 4,500 inhabitants and the largest in terms of area. Hitzkirch became known for the fruit processing Hitzkirch, later Granador AG and the Cantonal teachers' seminar. Heidegg Castle in Gelfingen, the Alte Schmitte and the megalithic tower in Richensee, the early Baroque parish church of Hitzkirch and the Teutonic Knights Coming with the Knight's Hall are considered cultural monuments. The heights of the Lindenberg in Hämikon, Müswangen and Sulz are popular as a vantage point, hiking and cross-country skiing area.

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