List of companies in Erstfeld / Canton Uri

See the list of companies (company list) in Erstfeld. The companies are listed alphabetically: A. Indergand | A. Indergand, Innendekorationen | Alois Püntener Energieberatung | AMB Automobile, Fejzulahi | Ambulante psychiatrische Pflege Monika Püntener Kälin | Aqwa AG | Auto-Cosmetic by Marco Lussmann | Bahnhofkiosk Erstfeld | Baldelli & Partner GmbH | Basis 57 nachhaltige Wassernutzung AG | Bau AG Hoch- und Tiefbau | Bau AG Holding | Bau AG Immobilien und Verwaltungen | Baugenossenschaft Birtschen | Baugenossenschaft Butzen | Baugenossenschaft des SBB Personals "Reussmatt" | Baugenossenschaft Eigenhaus | Beat Stadler AG | Betreibungsamt Flüelen | Bless AG | Bless Holding GmbH | Bless Immobilien AG | Blitz-Clean D'Almeida Albuquerque | Blitz-Clean Marques Dias | Braunviehzuchtgenossenschaft Erstfeld | BRENNPUNKT STEINER GmbH | Brind AG | Bruno Daniel Moreira Magalhâes | BunschiTec | Caveng Sozialpädagogische Fach- und Erziehungsberatung | Cheminéeholz Küng GmbH | Coiffeur Anderscht, Zweigniederlassung der JSAF GmbH | Coop Filiale - Erstfeld | Cosy und Ernst Zurfluh-Bacchi, Restaurant Schwyzerstübli | Denner Partner Erstfeld GmbH | Denner Satellit - Erstfeld | Dienstleistungen Uri GmbH | Dorf Drogerie Ettlin GmbH | Druckerei Gasser AG | Eisenbahner-Baugenossenschaft, Erstfeld |

Companies in Erstfeld

Canton UR

The locality Erstfeld is located in the canton of Uri in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Erstfeld are: 46.8228834 and 8.6483355. The local date and time in Erstfeld is 04/18/2024, 3:24 AM. Erstfeld im Reuss Valley is a municipality in the canton of Uri in Switzerland, located on one of the most important European transit axes, the pass over the Gotthard massif. Thanks to its central location, all areas of Switzerland can be reached from here in a relatively short time. With the construction and opening of the Gotthard Railway in 1882, Erstfeld turned from a small and insignificant farming village into a railway location on a north-south route that crosses the Alps, which is important for all of Europe. A hundred years later, a car tunnel along the A 2 clears the now scenic pass road and in 2016 the new, like the old route, will be structurally spectacular, almost 60 km long railway tunnel (Gotthard Base Tunnel) for the accelerated passenger and freight traffic inaugurated. Erstfeld has been the northern starting point for major structural interventions in the Alpine region for around 150 years.

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