List of companies in Bauma / Canton Zurich

See the list of companies (company list) in Bauma. The companies are listed alphabetically: A. Mischler, Elektro-Anlagen | Alfred Gubler | Alpaka Zürich Oberland, Avania Fischer Ribic | Alters- und Pflegeheim Blumenau AG | Alters- und Pflegeheim Böndler | ALVI Gebäudetechnik GmbH | Antiquariat A. Rihm | Aqua-Fit Zürioberland GmbH | Aquafit-Zürioberland Barbara Leimgruber | Archi-Team CB GmbH | AS Malergeschäft GmbH | Atelier Anja Loewe | Atelier Bähler GmbH | Atelier44 - Receveur Alain | Auto Schnurrenberger | Autocenter Inauen | BABO Take Away Suat Güzel, Ali Gül Güzel KlG | Bahnhofkiosk Bauma | Bank Avera | Baumberger | BBTS Bayer Biometrics Technology & Security | BBTS GmbH | bee's atelier, Grob | Berggold GmbH | BETTAHI Industrial Automation E-Training 7x24 | Bluemehuus Mötteli + Co | Blumenau Graf Immobilien AG | BlütenDuett Kollektivgesellschaft | Blütenfroh Anna Brunner | Brand Bearbeitungs- & Schleiftechnik GmbH | brun Sourcing | Bua Yai Massage Bunlor | Buco Spur 0 GmbH | CarSaloon GmbH | CarTopia GmbH | Cash-In-Kasso AG | CHEMIL E. Chylicki, IMPORT, EXPORT | Christian Dyrda GmbH | CHtronic Blattner | Claudia Kägi Blumendekoration |

Companies in Bauma

Canton ZH

The locality Bauma is located in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Bauma are: 47.36839 and 8.87853. The local date and time in Bauma is 05/29/2024, 6:46 AM.

This company list contains all legal forms (Sole proprietorship, General Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Cooperative, Association, Foundation, Public sector institution, Branch, Limited Partnership, Foreign branch, Corporation with unlimited partners, Special legal form, Ownership in undivided shares, Limited Partnership for collective investment schemes with a fixed capital, Limited Partnership for collective investment schemes with a variable capital, Limited Partnership for collective investment schemes, Non commercial power of attorney) of companies in Bauma. On this page you will find companies from A. Mischler Elektro-Anlagen to Claudia Kägi Blumendekoration.

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