Bars and Hotel Bars in Geneva


The Top 10 Bars and Hotel Bars in Geneva

Discover the best bars and hotel bars in Geneva, the vibrant city by Lake Geneva, with our carefully curated list of the top 10 bars. Here, you can enjoy exceptional drinks, first-class service, and unique atmospheres. Whether you are a local or a visitor to the city, these bars offer something special for everyone. From luxurious settings with views of the lake to cozy corners in the Old Town, each bar has been selected based on its outstanding reputation, Google reviews, and search frequency on

List Top Bars in Geneva

Our selection includes exclusive hotel bars that offer luxurious experiences and breathtaking views over Geneva's picturesque Old Town and the shimmering Lake Geneva, as well as charming and trendy city bars known for their creative cocktails and inviting ambiances. This list helps you find the best places in Geneva to enjoy an evening with friends, celebrate a special occasion, or simply relax and sample the finest drinks the city has to offer. Whether you're strolling down the bustling Rue du Rhône or enjoying the tranquility of the lakeside promenade, these bars provide the perfect setting.

Read on to discover your next favorite bar in Geneva and be enchanted by the unique offerings and excellent service of these top-notch locations. From the classic elegance of historic buildings to modern, innovative concepts – here you will find the perfect bar for every taste and occasion in the lively and cosmopolitan city of Geneva.

Fiskebar (The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix)

Le Bar des Bergues (Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva)

Le Verre à Monique

  • A charming cocktail bar with a diverse selection of creative drinks and a cozy ambiance. The retro-style decor creates a unique atmosphere that invites guests to linger. The friendly bartenders are known for their custom cocktail creations.

  • Favored Drink: Monique's Mojito

  • Website: Le Verre à Monique

  • Google Maps: Le Verre à Monique on Google Maps

Chez Philippe - Bar Gril

  • This stylish bar offers an excellent selection of wines and cocktails, accompanied by exquisite grilled dishes. The combination of modern decor and cozy atmosphere makes it a popular meeting spot. The extensive international wine list is particularly noteworthy.

  • Favored Drink: Old Fashioned

  • Website: Chez Philippe

  • Google Maps: Chez Philippe on Google Maps

Leopard Bar (Hotel d'Angleterre)

  • A luxurious venue with an elegant atmosphere, perfect for classic cocktails and live music. The British-style decor creates a cozy yet exclusive setting. The extensive selection of whiskies is especially popular.

  • Favored Drink: Whiskey Sour

  • Website: Leopard Bar - Hotel d'Angleterre

  • Google Maps: Hotel d'Angleterre on Google Maps

Le Scandale

  • This lively bar offers a broad range of cocktails and an exciting nightlife with DJ sets. The modern decor and dynamic vibe attract night owls from all over the city. Creative cocktail concoctions are a highlight.This lively bar offers a broad range of cocktails and an exciting nightlife with DJ sets. The modern decor and dynamic vibe attract night owls from all over the city. Creative cocktail concoctions are a highlight.

  • Favored Drink: Espresso Martini

  • Website: Le Scandale

  • Google Maps: Le Scandale on Google Maps

L’Apothicaire Cocktail Club

  • A stylish cocktail club known for its creative and artfully presented drinks. The bar offers a cozy atmosphere with a unique blend of vintage and modern design. Innovative cocktails with exotic ingredients are particularly favored.

  • Favored Drink: Japanese Whisky Sour

  • Website: L’Apothicaire Cocktail Club

  • Google Maps: L’Apothicaire Cocktail Club on Google Maps

Rooftop 42

  • Situated in the heart of Geneva, Rooftop 42 offers an exceptional setting with a stunning view over Lake Geneva. It transforms into a lively venue at night with live music, DJs, and a vibrant atmosphere, making it perfect for unwinding or celebrating special occasions.

  • Favored Drink: Signature Cocktails

  • Website: Rooftop 42

  • Google Maps: Rooftop 42 on Google Maps

La Petite Reine

  • La Petite Reine is a quirky and vibrant bar located near Geneva's main train station, offering a welcoming atmosphere for a diverse crowd. Known for its friendly staff and great music, it’s a perfect spot for an after-work drink or to start your evening out.

  • Favored Drink: House-made Cocktails

  • Website: La Petite Reine

  • Google Maps: La Petite Reine on Google Maps

La Clémence

  • Located in the heart of Geneva's Old Town, La Clémence has been a popular meeting spot since 1950. It features a large, vibrant terrace overlooking the historic Place du Bourg-de-Four, attracting a diverse crowd including students, lawyers, and tourists.

  • Favored Drink: Local wines and craft beers

  • Website: La Clémence

  • Google Maps: La Clémence on Google Maps

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