JAPAGI GmbH, Luchsingen


8775 Luchsingen

Commercial register ID for JAPAGI GmbH: CH-

Unique enterprise identification number (UID) for JAPAGI GmbH: CHE-114.958.996

VAT for JAPAGI GmbH: CHE-114.958.996 MWST

About the company JAPAGI GmbH

JAPAGI GmbH, based in Luchsingen, is a company in Switzerland. JAPAGI GmbH is active according to the commercial register. The company with the UID number CHE-114.958.996 was founded on 07/10/2009.

For JAPAGI GmbH, a total of 2 official reports from the Swiss Official Gazette (SOGC) have been published on sogc.help.ch since January 2007. You can see the latest publication by company JAPAGI GmbH from 10/19/2017 on this link.

Purpose of the company JAPAGI GmbH

The purpose of the company JAPAGI GmbH in Luchsingen is as follows. Provision of services of all kinds, in particular in the construction and maintenance sector as well as the organization of events. The company can set up branches and subsidiaries in Germany and abroad and invest in other companies in Germany and abroad and conduct all business that is directly or indirectly related to its purpose. The company can acquire, encumber, sell and manage real estate in Germany and abroad. It can also provide financing for its own or third-party account, as well as provide guarantees and sureties for subsidiaries and third parties.

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The company JAPAGI GmbH in Luchsingen is listed on Yellowpages.swiss. Latitude and longitude coordinates for JAPAGI GmbH are: 46.9687638 and 9.0361438. The unique identification number of this portrait is CHE-114.958.996.

Data Source: Commercial register, SOGC, FSO

Which companies are available at the same address? In addition to JAPAGI GmbH, there are other active companies at the same address Bödeli, 8775 Luchsingen. This includes the companies Schmuckmanufaktur H. Klein-Dobias.

Info about Luchsingen

The enterprise JAPAGI GmbH is registered in the city of Luchsingen. Luchsingen is a municipality in the canton of Glarus. Glarus is a canton in German-speaking Switzerland and belongs to the regions of northeastern and southeastern Switzerland. The main town is the municipality of the same name Glarus, the most populous place is the municipality of Glarus North. The canton of Glarus is one of 26 cantons in the Swiss Confederation.

The locality Luchsingen is located in the canton of Glarus in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Luchsingen are: 46.9672905 and 9.036789. The local date and time in Luchsingen is 12/07/2023, 8:37 PM.

The information on this entry in the commercial register of the legal entity JAPAGI GmbH is provided without guarantee and has no legal effect. Only the certified extracts from the commercial register and the publication texts in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) are binding.


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