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We are as a trading company for consumer goods on the kleinflaechigen Retail specialized and active in selected niche markets.

Valora is active in four business fields, all without exception in the area of Supply of consumer markets with high sales potential are settled. The focus is clearly on European niche markets, the over the years with the lifestyle of modern, mobile generations have developed.

The core competency of Valora is ability, fast-spinning Products and services through sophisticated logistics processes and fine-meshed distribution networks throughout Europe. there are the sales concepts on the still increasing need of the Tailored to consumers by mobility and convenience.

Valora enters the market with four divisions: - valoraretail: A fine-meshed network of points of sale - valorawholesale: trade and distribution with core press - valoratrade: trade and distribution with core competence Food - valoraimaging: photofinishing and distribution

Offer: Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Food, Nonfood, Entertainment, Gifts, games of chance, phone calls, tobacco

k kiosk is the kiosk concept of Valora Retail, the retail division of Valora. It is a retail format, which at high-frequency layers pulse products offering.

Valora Retail focuses on the small retail sector (kiosks, Station bookstores, convenience shops, restaurants).

k kiosk - the largest kiosk network in Switzerland. At our more than 1,000 locations around 850,000 customers are served every day. k kiosk has in German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino an area-wide presence. In the French Switzerland Valora Retail operates around 20 branches.

k kiosk stands for - everywhere - close to the customer - fast - last minute shopping - personal - consistent customer orientation - current - needs-based, contemporary assortment

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