Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe


Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe
Route de la Gare
1321 Arnex-sur-Orbe


024 441 51 37
024 441 63 05

Company description and purpose of company Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe

Arnex-sur-Orbe is at 543 meters above sea level, 3 km south-southwest of Orbe and 13 km southwest of the district capital Yverdon-les-Bains (beeline). The Haufendorf extends in the Swiss plateau on the eastern edge of the Jura foot plateaus, around 100 m above the level of the Orbe (French Plaine de l'Orbe).

The area of the 7.6 km large municipal area comprises a section of the im Area of Arnex-sur-Orbe an average of 550 m above sea level Jurassic foot plateaus. The municipality extends to the west as far as the Cret de la Croix (580 m above sea level) and in the forest Bioute, on the edge of which some are under There are standing ponds (including the Etang d'Arnex). In one narrow tip the area extends to the southwest over the Le Chaney elevation (with 614 m above sea level highest point of Arnex-sur-Orbe) to the river Nozon, the here runs in a valley cut around 100 m into the Jura foot plateau. The south-east border forms a side valley of the Nozon. To the east has Arnex-sur-Orbe a small part of the Orbe plain, the eastern border is formed by the Canal d'Entreroches. Settlements accounted for 6% of the municipal area in 1997, 20% on forests and woodlands, 73% on agriculture and a little less than 1% unproductive land.

A number of individual farms belong to Arnex-sur-Orbe. Neighboring communities to Arnex-sur-Orbe are Orbe, Agiez, Bofflens, Croy, La Sarraz, Pompaples, Bavois and Chavornay.

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The company Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe on Route de la Gare in 1321 Arnex-sur-Orbe with the phone number 024 441 51 37 is listed on Latitude and longitude coordinates for Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe are: 46.6977368 and 6.5188842. The unique identification number of this portrait is YPW-210718.

The company Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe is listed in the branch Administration. The company Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe offers its services in the following categories: Townships, other products or services according to the company's purpose.

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Info about Arnex-sur-Orbe

The enterprise Gemeinde Arnex-sur-Orbe is registered in the city of Arnex-sur-Orbe. Arnex-sur-Orbe is a municipality in the canton of Vaud. Vaud is a canton in Romandy, the francophone part of Switzerland, and is part of the Geneva-Lausanne metropolitan region. The capital and largest city is Lausanne. The canton of Vaud is one of 26 cantons in the Swiss Confederation.

The locality Arnex-sur-Orbe is located in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Arnex-sur-Orbe are: 46.6938865 and 6.5187451. The local date and time in Arnex-sur-Orbe is 03/02/2024, 9:40 PM.

Info about Canton Vaud

Vaud is a canton in Romandy, the francophone part of Switzerland, and is part of the Geneva-Lausanne metropolitan region. The capital and largest city is Lausanne. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Vaud center point are: 46.570091 and 6.657809.

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