Gemeinde Bargen, Bargen


Gemeinde Bargen
Steigstrasse 6
8233 Bargen


052 653 13 82
052 653 13 82

Company description and purpose of company Gemeinde Bargen

A couple of huts, a couple of gardens, a bit of forest and a bit of land, it's a small village on the edge ... This is how Dieter Wiesmann, the Neuhauser chansonnier, sang the most northerly municipality in Switzerland in a Bargemer song on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary in 1984. With an area of ​​827 hectares, the Randen community, which is around 10 km north of Schaffhausen on the Schaffhausen-Stuttgart route, has around 250 inhabitants. With the construction of the A4 motorway in the mid-1960s, the village was divided into two parts. In the western part of the village is the old village center with the two inns, in the eastern part there are three gas station shops in particular, which are geared towards tourists. Even if the A4 has "split" the village, a lot of barges are dependent on traffic. Be it the border guards and customs officers, the shipping companies or the aforementioned shops. There are currently eight farms in our community. A large part of the population can find their purchase in the immediate vicinity, especially in Schaffhausen. Nature conservation is very important in Bargen. The "Tannbüehl" nature reserve is known far and wide, and every spring it attracts countless hikers who want to enjoy the splendor of the more than 20 species of orchids (e.g. purple orchids, flywort and bee leek, lady's slipper, etc.). Almost the entire municipality is located in the edge protection zone. The newly created root sewage treatment plant, which takes into account the idea of ​​ecology and environmental protection and has a future-oriented character, must also be taken into account. Bargen is often classified as too secluded; although Schaffhausen can be reached by car in 10 minutes and, as a great advantage, can offer a wonderful recreational area right on the doorstep. In Bargen it is "always choope colder than i de city", but we enjoy sunny days again and again in autumn when the townspeople can only see fog. A healthy population growth would be to be wished for the community; the structure of the population shows that Bargen is somewhat out of date. There is currently a kindergarten department in Bargen. Students of all levels attend classes in the neighboring Merishausen by public transport.

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The company Gemeinde Bargen on Steigstrasse 6 in 8233 Bargen with the phone number 052 653 13 82 is listed on Latitude and longitude coordinates for Gemeinde Bargen are: 47.7984756 and 8.592684. The unique identification number of this portrait is YPW-210657.

The company Gemeinde Bargen is listed in the branch Administration. The company Gemeinde Bargen offers its services in the following categories: Townships, other products or services according to the company's purpose.

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Info about Bargen

The enterprise Gemeinde Bargen is registered in the city of Bargen. Bargen is a municipality in the canton of Schaffhausen. Schaffhausen is a canton in German-speaking Switzerland and belongs to northeastern and eastern Switzerland. The capital and also the largest place is the city of the same name Schaffhausen. The canton of Schaffhausen is one of 26 cantons in the Swiss Confederation.

The locality Bargen is located in the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Bargen are: 47.7918763 and 8.610205. The local date and time in Bargen is 03/02/2024, 9:38 PM.

Info about Canton Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen is a canton in German-speaking Switzerland and belongs to northeastern and eastern Switzerland. The capital and also the largest place is the city of the same name Schaffhausen. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Schaffhausen center point are: 47.71357 and 8.59167.

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