List of companies in Bäch / Canton Schwyz

See the list of companies (company list) in Bäch. The companies are listed alphabetically: Aquarium Bäch GmbH | ARB Studio GmbH | ARCAP Holding AG | Armica GmbH | Armin Büeler-Weber | Arrosec GmbH | ART - DESIGN - LIFESTYLE UNGER | Asterycon GmbH | Atleast2 Consulting AG | ATTESTA Schweizer Zertifizierungsgesellschaft AG | Aufimo AG | Aurelius Consulting GmbH | AutoBrill GmbH | AV Royal GmbH | AVAX design AG | AW Bella Vista GmbH | AWT WERBEAGENTUR GORDON TAPPE | Axe Capital GmbH | AYAS AG | AYAS Capital AG | AYAS CONSULTING | B - Verwaltungs AG | b.baut Schweiz AG | B1 AG | B2Web AG | Bächau Immobilien AG | Bagi Consulting AG | balancedhomes GmbH | Bamert Marinetechnik GmbH | Bänninger Management AG | Bau- und Immobilien-Gesellschaft Prohof AG | Bauagenta GmbH | Baugesellschaft Ausserschwyz AG | Baugesellschaft für exklusive Wohnräume GmbH | Baugesellschaft Riedikon Wollerau | Bauimo GmbH | Baumann Beteiligungen GmbH | bauport24 AG | BBD Beck Business Development AG | Beautiful You |

Companies in Bäch

Canton SZ

The locality Bäch is located in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland country, in Europe continent. Latitude and longitude coordinates for Bäch are: 47.199995 and 8.716672. The local date and time in Bäch is 03/02/2024, 6:51 PM. Freienbach is a municipality in the Höfe district in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland. The main town and by far the largest district of the municipality of Freienbach is Pfäffikon SZ. The community on Lake Zurich consists of five localities: Pfäffikon SZ, Freienbach, Wilen bei Wollerau, Bäch SZ and Hurden. In terms of population, Freibach is the largest community in the canton of Schwyz. This is not least due to the strong development of the last decades, which was accelerated by the opening of the A3 motorway in 1968 and by new educational, shopping and recreational facilities. In addition, the exceptionally beautiful residential area, the proximity to the city of Zurich and the extraordinarily low tax burden attract numerous newcomers to the community. Although an urban planning concept is being developed for the district of Pfäffikon SZ, Freienbach does not define itself as a city, but as a municipality with five villages. These should also remain independent in the future. Freienbach is part of the Zurich agglomeration. A few dominating high-rise buildings in the Pfäffikon SZ district are striking. The municipal area includes the two islands of Ufnau and Lützelau as well as the Frauenwinkel protected area with the largest reed area on Lake Zurich (federal inventory), but also part of the Etzel Pass.

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